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I am

a Graphic Designer

I have been a Graphic Designer for over 30 years starting out utilizing a draftsman’s table, waxing copy to board flats, cutting ruby knockouts, and blue lining layouts. With the birth of the personal computer I dedicated myself in learning the skill sets required to continue in my field. Where many of my fellow Designers declined the challenge, I was adamant on learning this new technology knowing it was my future.

Purchasing a computer and software in the mid 1990’s I began the difficult transition from board to PC. I remember coming home after working all day and developing personal projects so I could minimize my learning curve. From the first Windows OS and using programs like PageMaker, PhotoStyler, and Hippie (web development) I began my long journey into the world of computerized Graphic Communications. Over my years I have been exposed to Windows and Apple OS systems and have seen the progressive development of Adobe and its plethora of software programs.

During my tenure I have worked on many projects for Fortune 500 companies and have been exposed to a wide variety of projects ranging from literature to web development. For the past 21 years I have been employed with what is now known as Parker Hannifin. Parker acquired Snap-tite/Autoclave a local family owned business in April, 2012. Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 company and is a multi-diverse motion control company with over 250 locations worldwide. I was employed by the Instrumentation Products Division (IPD) headquartered in Huntsville, AL with Parker Corporate located in Cleveland, OH.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and a failing oil and gas market our division was required to implement a forced reduction on May 15, 2020. Over the past 21 years at Snap-tite/Parker I was initially one of four Graphic Designers developing marketing materials from product literature to billboards and eventually web development. As the years passed and the company decided not to entertain outside customers, we pulled all our resources inhouse to concentrate on our own division needs. For the past six years I have been the last of four Designers working hand in hand with our Marketing and Product Marketing Managers. Together we have developed marketing material for our wide range of product lines and five divisional locations.

My skillsets are diverse and while some in my field may tend to concentrate on one discipline, I have maintained for my own marketability a wide range of graphic skills. Below is a small listing of a normal week and what it may entail:

  1. Desktop Publishing using Adobe InDesign - Develop literature layouts based on Corporate branding, entry and formatting copy, pagination, packaging for printing and PDF delivery.

  2. Photo Manipulation using Adobe PhotoShop - Photographed product, retouched, and prepared for multiple uses. Removal of backgrounds and other edits when required. Converted for print and web usage.

  3. Illustration using Adobe Illustrator - Created technical line and render drawings of products consisting of cutaways and exploded views.

  4. Web Development using Adobe Dreamweaver - Developed and maintained company web sites.

  5. Video Editing - Minimal exposure to training video creation and editing.

  6. Tradeshow/Marketing Promotions - Creating pullup banner displays, convention tradeshow signage, and marketing posters for Distributor channel partners.

  7. Internal Projects - Assisted HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, and other departments in developing communication project to fulfill learning, training, safety, and development needs.


I am very confident in my ability to work in a team setting or as an individual. All projects were a team effort as I would work closely with Marketing, Sales, and Engineering to develop strategic and accurate sales tools. Each department would provide their expert knowledge and together we would refine and develop the required information needed to grow market share.


While this extended Professional Summary hopefully will enlighten you in regards to my present situation, experience and expertise; I am hopeful that you will see the benefit of employing a one stop source for your marketing graphic needs. I am excited for this next chapter in my career and look forward to providing my skills and abilities to your business. I appreciate your time and consideration for any future job openings and respectfully ask that you review my personal references enclosed. Please feel free to call me at 814.746.6363 or email me at



Eric Warner

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